Invisalign Teen Braces

At Define Orthodontics, we help patients of all ages define their lives by creating confident smiles, including teens. Our Irving, TX orthodontist office is an official provider of Invisalign Teen clear braces. We are happy to offer Invisalign Teen clear braces to any teenage patient who is suffering from mild to moderate orthodontic concerns as long as they are otherwise in good dental health. Dr. Sodhi is your local orthodontist in Irving, TX. She enjoys working with teens and their families to bring them an exceptional orthodontic experience with Invisalign Teen. Learn more about the benefits of Invisalign Teen below.

Invisalign Teen Irving TX

Invisalign Teen in Irving, TX

Achieving your dream smile doesn’t have to be an awkward experience. However, many of our younger patients worry about the aesthetic effects that orthodontic solutions will have on their smiles. With traditional braces, metal brackets and wires are firmly secured to a patient’s dental structures for the entire duration of their treatment. Because orthodontic improvement doesn’t happy overnight, this leaves teens dealing with months or even years of uncomfortable, metallic aesthetics. With Invisalign Teen, younger patients do not have to worry about the effects of orthodontic treatment on their smiles, leading to happier teens and even happier parents.

Why do teens love Invisalign?

Teens love Invisalign because it offers benefits that they would otherwise not get from traditional orthodontic solutions. The clear, plastic aligners are designed to be completely see-through while in use, making teens feel more comfortable and confident about undergoing orthodontic treatment. Unless they remove the aligners in front of someone, no one should be able to notice the aligners while in use.

Invisalign also offers benefits like no dietary restrictions or oral hygiene hazards. With traditional braces, teenage patients sometimes struggle to adapt to the lifestyle adjustments required to maintain orthodontic hardware. However, Invisalign aligners are removable, meaning they can remove their aligners before eating, drinking, or brushing their teeth. They can also remove the aligners for special occasions like school dances, presentations, or first job interviews. As long as your teen wears their Invisalign aligners on average of 20-22 hours a day, their treatment plan will progress as intended.

Parents love Invisalign Teen because it doesn’t require as much time spent in the orthodontist’s office. With traditional braces, the wires must be tightened by your orthodontist every few weeks to ensure the treatment plan progresses. With Invisalign, your teen will be handed all of their aligners upfront and instructed on when to change them out. While some check-up appointments may be required, you will wind up spending less time in the dental chair compared to patients being treated with traditional braces. Less time in the dental chair = more time for after-school activities, homework, and family time.

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