Damon Braces Irving, TX

Dr. Sodhi offers Damon™ Braces in Irving, TX as an advanced treatment option for teens and adults. Damon Braces use a unique self-litigating system to align the teeth with exceptional results. We recommend Damon Braces as a treatment option when appropriate and they are effective when addressing a wide range of orthodontic concerns and bite problems. A straighter smile will not only boost your confidence but support better overall oral health and wellness for a lifetime.

What are Damon Braces?

damon braces irving txDamon braces are similar to traditional braces in that an archwire is placed across the teeth, but it is attached using a unique self-litigating bracket system. This bracket allows the archwire to slide within it for treatment that produces less friction and discomfort. Available in clear composite material, Damon braces can offer patients a more discreet orthodontic option, especially if clear aligners are not considered effective for their needs.

The goal of treatment with Damon Braces is to create a straighter, healthier smile that is also designed to follow the natural curve of the lower lip for a “smile arc”. This results in a more rounded, full smile that also supports a healthy and stable bite.

The Damon Braces Process: what to expect

Placing Damon archwires and brackets will start with a comprehensive dental exam and impressions. Dr. Sodhi and our dental care team are committed to ensuring that you have the best possible patient experience and results and we take the time to fully evaluate your needs and plan your treatment accordingly. Dr. Sodhi will attach the Damon brackets to the teeth and place the advanced “shape-memory” archwire through the brackets. The unique properties and technology in the Damon system mean less friction, tension on the teeth, and ultimately less discomfort for patients throughout the process.

During routine checkups, Dr. Sodhi will adjust the archwire and check your progress. Treatment times are typically shorter with Damon Braces when compared to more traditional options.

Damon Braces: FAQs

Are Damon Braces covered by dental insurance?

If you have orthodontic coverage as part of your dental insurance benefits, Damon Braces will be included as an orthodontic treatment option. Our front desk staff will work with you at the time of your consultation to determine your orthodontic benefits if applicable and how much of your total treatment cost is covered. We also offer convenient financing options.

How do I care for my Damon Braces?

Dr. Sodhi and our team will provide detailed information regarding oral hygiene during treatment. Damon Braces minimize tooth stains and decay around the brackets because there are no elastic bands. Dietary recommendations to avoid damaging the brackets will also be discussed at the start of your treatment.

Are Damon Braces available for adults?

Yes, we welcome and treat adult patients. Damon Braces can often be the perfect solution for adults seeking a more comfortable orthodontic treatment option that is also less visible. Orthodontic treatment at any age will improve your dental health, the stability of your smile and reduce the risk of bite problems.