How to Fix an Over Bite

At Define Orthodontics, we offer treatment plans to address any and all orthodontic concerns, including overbites. Overbites are a very common orthodontic concern that patients of all ages experience. The sooner you treat your overbite, the more conservative treatment options that will be available to you. Overbites are often hereditary, meaning if you suffered from an overbite, your children will likely experience this orthodontic concern as well. We offer early orthodontic intervention to help resolve overbites in our younger patients. Additionally, we offer braces, Invisalign, and InBrace to adult patients looking to discreetly realign their bite pattern. Learn more about how we treat overbites below.

Orthodontic Services in Irving TX

Treatment Options for Overbite in Irving, TX

Dr. Sodhi is your local orthodontist in Irving, TX. She offers many different orthodontic services to address concerns like overbites. Overbites occur when the top teeth protrude or hang over the bottom teeth. This can put you at risk for dental damages and bite problems because the teeth are not making proper contact. Patients with overbites often experience the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty opening or closing the mouth.
  • Discomfort while eating.
  • Jaw pain.
  • Speech challenges.

Early orthodontic intervention for over-bites in young children includes the use of palate expanders to aid in repositioning the jaw. Braces may also be recommended for more advanced cases. With braces, we would utilize elastics to apply pressure to your jawbone and encourage the realignment of your bite pattern.

Our office offers many different types of braces to help patients with misaligned bite patterns achieve beautifully aligned smiles. Discreet alternatives like clear aligner therapy and lingual braces are offered as an alternative to traditional metal braces. However, more severe cases may require treatment with traditional metal braces. A thorough consultation with Dr. Sodhi will determine which treatment option is best for you and your needs.

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