4 Good Foods for Patients with Braces


If you have crooked teeth, you can straighten them with braces. But orthodontic treatment with traditional braces can feel restrictive, as your orthodontist recommends avoiding certain foods to protect the metal wires and brackets.

However, there are many foods these orthodontic patients can enjoy without worrying about interfering with their teeth-straightening treatment. Dr. Kirat Sodhi, an orthodontist in Irving, TX, describes four healthy food options that are easy to eat for patients with braces.

foods good for braces in Irving Texas


Oatmeal is an appealing breakfast choice for many individuals, and patients with braces will appreciate this food as well. It is filling, hence its allure as a hearty start to your day.

Additionally, the soft texture and warm temperature of this meal can soothe teeth that may be sore if patients recently got their braces tightened. Oatmeal can also lower cholesterol, among other health benefits.


Yogurt is a snack that can be enjoyed at any time of day and features health benefits for your teeth. The smooth texture will not aggravate sensitive teeth, and it contains a high amount of calcium which strengthens enamel, allowing your teeth to better resist tooth decay and other dental issues. Yogurt also has probiotics that help balance bacteria throughout your body, reducing your risk of infections, including gum disease.


This soft fruit is easy to eat if your teeth hurt due to orthodontic treatment, and bananas are ideal for any time of day and can even be taken on the go. They are a great source of vitamins, especially if you have difficulty eating hard-surfaced fruits with sore teeth. Fruit is also an optimal food option for those craving a sweet treat who hope to avoid the dental concerns associated with added sugar.


Eggs are a prime source of protein, and many people appreciate the vast variety of ways this food can be prepared. They are also soft in texture, appealing to patients with braces. Eggs are filling and capable of providing energy for your body without negative effects on your overall health.

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